Family Portfolio & Session Info

Nothing makes you more aware of the passing of time than seeing your kids change. I knew this from before I had my own. Clients would bring their sweet new bundles to me, that first year would fly by, they’d be back…and it went quick. Now that I have my own, I understand on a more profound level what time really means.

These early years are so fleeting — schedules full of activities — of soccer practice and girl scouts, swim lessons and play dates, doctor appointments and work deadlines. You put your head down into the grind of life and you look up and the summer is gone… or the spring is here. Another year. Each accomplishment, each new milestone is met with excitement, but is so bittersweet because that phase of childhood is gone and all too soon they’ll be grown. Every parent knows that feeling. This aching in your heart because each new day brings an exciting new adventure but leaves us longing for yesterday…for our little ones to stay just so for a little bit longer.

I challenge each family to make the time to take photos, maybe you only have professional images taken every other year, maybe you haven’t had them taken in the last 5. Do it now. Don’t feel obligated to choose me to capture them – just do it. Once your children reach the teenage years, they won’t be as interested in play dates with photographers to capture their wild and free spirits, their toothless grins, big bear hugs and silly giggles.

Take the picture. But more importantly, be IN the picture. I’ve never heard anyone say they wish they hadn’t had photos taken. But I’ve had countless say they wish they had made them more of a priority. So take that milestone photo. Carve the time out of your busy schedule. Play with your kids, kiss your husband/wife, hold your family just a little bit longer… I’ll capture it all for you.


Where do sessions take place?
I have a few favorite spots around Indy that I enjoy for outdoor sessions and am always up for checking out new locations. I also go to clients’ homes and capture lifestyle images in their own home and backyard. These sessions are unique to you and are a wonderful, relaxing way to capture your children in their own element.

What are sessions like?
Relaxing and carefree! We have fun, we laugh and joke and keep it light – that’s how we capture your family’s most authentic expressions.

What should I wear?
It’s always easiest to start with mom’s wardrobe and then color coordinate other family members around that. Or, if you have a darling outfit that you just must have your child photographed in, base other selections around that. Coordinating colors is fun, but it’s more important to be yourself and let your family represent themselves in an authentic way that makes everyone comfortable.

What’s the cost and what does it include?
Family sessions are $350 and include one hour of shooting time and the resulting final gallery of images, usually between 50 and 60 final images.Final images include your family engaging with one another, loving on one another, with a few “everyone look at the camera” photos in between, individual photos of each child and the parents together alone. You receive the images processed in color and black and white via digital download within two weeks of your session.

Check out my family portfolio below, and if you feel we might be a good fit then please reach out.

Consider adding a Family Documentary with video footage to your session for a fee.